8 Deco ideas that will convince you it’s time for a vacation!

‘’Travel the world!’’ is the quote many of us think about all the time. But this catch phrase is great also in the deco world. As the main design for your dream home you can pick the journey theme and start planning in advance your next trip. Bon Voyage!

8 Deco ideas that will convince you it’s time for a vacation! 3


1. Dream desk

How about making cute paintings out of posters with your favorite cities? If you love nostalgic places pair this deco items with cute flowers, or if you love an island painting match it with a cute green plant.

dream vacation desk


2. Sleep tight!

I love this map sheets. It will help you have great dream every night and think a lot about travelling the world. They will go great in a neutral toned bedroom and will add a lot of personality to the whole room.

bed sheets with map


3. Maps love

Where to go next? With all this vintage maps all you need is just some courage. This type of deco goest great with a minimal room or with a retro one. Also, you can mix&match the frames as you wish and make an abstract art piece on your wall.

freames map living room 3


4. The luggage room

There are two travel ideas which I love in this room. The first thing I see it’s the tall table made out of old hand luggages. That’s a great idea, and also it’s really easy to make. The second one it’s the big vintage map placed on two walls which make the room look more spacious. Smart!

vinatge map luggage table 4

5. Boho dream

This space makes me think about an exotic trip in Africa. I love all the printed elements, the colorful deco pieces, the plants and the lovely map hanged on the wall.

boho space with map 5


6. Wild, wild look

I love this souvenir objects in this room. They give a lot of personality to the space and a great tribal vibe. This home design it’s perfect for a vintage place or a boho inspired living room.

wild deco 6


7. Vacation time!

The printed rugs, the ethno clothes and all those beautiful hats make me think of a tropical vacation in an exotic country. This kind of deco would be ideal for your hallway and for your beach or vacation home.

vacation space 7

8. Tribal spirit

I love this tribal decor that has a lot of mystery in it. It’s easy to get a space like this. Just pick a great tribal painting as your central pieces, add wooden chairs and table and also, add little branches in vases.

tribal space 8


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