10 Dreamy boutique-hotels around the world

Travel around the world and stay at chic boutique-hotels! This is a dream many of us have. Before you start travelling, here are ten ideas of the perfect stay in one of the most popular cities in the worlds.

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1. The Milestone Hotel, London

Once a Military Academy in the 19th century, The Milestone Hotel is now one of London’s fines accommodations. Each room has a dreamy artistic look and they are located near the lovely Kensington Palace and its gardens. As for the facilities, this hotel has a pool, a spa, a fitness room and also a wedding chapel.

The Milestone Hotel, London


2. Only You Boutique-Hotel, Madrid

Located in the center of Madrid, this building, made in the 19th century, is focused on a blue and white palette. Each one of the 70 rooms and suites is dreamy and comfortable and the entire hotel brings you a cosmopolitan experience. Also, this hotel is famous for its music and cocktails.

Only You Boutique-Hotel, Madrid


3. Aria hotel, Budapest

If you are a music fan, this is the perfect place for you. The chic Aria hotel has four wings, each one dedicated to a musical gender: Classical, Opera, Contemporary, and Jazz. So in this way, each room celebrates great artists like Bob Dylan or James Brown. Also, this dreamy place has an indoor pool and a rooftop where you can enjoy a pretty view of Budapest.

Aria hotel, Budapest


4. El Fenn, Marrakech

Every room brings up the spirit of the city with unique deco pieces and vibrant colors. Each one of the 20 rooms this hotel has is individually styled in a traditional way. And, let’s not forget this dreamy place has tree pools and a hammam Spa.

El Fenn, Marrakech


5. Grand Dédale Hotel, Wellington, South Africa

Located near Doolhof Wine Estate, this boutique hotel is perfect for the wine lovers with a great taste for design.  If you stay here you gen free wine tasting and also you can visit the estate cellars. The whole hotel has a very relaxing vibe, the rooms are dreamy and if you want to enjoy the sun you can sit by the chic pool.

Grand Dédale Hotel, Wellington, South Africa

6. Keppler Hotel, Paris

Designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, the dreamy Keppler hotel is located near the Arc de Triomphe. The design of this lovely place built in the 19th century focuses on black and white with colorful accents and luxurious elements.

Keppler Hotel, Paris


7. Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany

This dreamy boutique hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway. The lovely gardens, the vineyards and the candle light dinner of two are the perfect excuses to take your partner to this place. This is the accommdation where nature meets luxury in cute villas that date back to the 13th century.

Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany


8. Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, Mexico

If you want a full Mexican experience you should stay at this cute and traditional hotel. Located in the city center, this boutique-hotel is peaceful, surrounded by gardens and decorated in the unique Mexican style. Also, if you love food, this place has its own cooking school. Bon appétit!

Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, Mexico


9. Hotel Zaza, Dallas

With 169 guestrooms, this hotel combines the contemporary design with the elegant style.  The architecture was inspired by the Mediterranean style and by the beauty of Dallas. You will be amazed by every pieces of decor this brilliant place has to offer!

Hotel Zaza, Dallas


10. The Roman Forum, Rome

Just a few minutes away from the ruins of Rome, this beautiful hotel has actual stone ruins in it. With a luxury design and a modern style you will be fascinated by this dreamy accommodation and its lovely surroundings.

The Roman Forum, Rome


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