Top 10 dreamy coffee shops around the world

If you are a coffee and an architecture lover, these dreamy places will amaze you! We looked around the world to find beautiful coffee shops that will give you an instant wish to travel more and enjoy a delicious cup of well made coffee in a faraway place.

Zmianatematu by xm3 – Lodz, Poland

Located on the center of the town, this coffee shop is very original and dreamy! Because the cities name actually means a boat, the architects wanted to create a space very similar to a ship, to be very close to the town’s symbol. The result was a very artistic space where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and see cool exhibitions.

top 10 amazing coffee shops around the world

D’espresso Cafe – New York
This bold and beautiful coffee shop located near The Grand Central Station resembles a library turned on its side. This brilliant graphic effect will capture your attention while drinking your fav coffee and reading a magazine.

top 10 amazing coffee shops around the world

Meron – Cluj Napoca, Romania

In the city center of this lovely town you will find this dreamy coffee shop with lots of industrial elements and fancy deco pieces. The motto of the place is that ”coffee brings good people together” so here you will find a lot of coffee lovers and a well prepared hot drinks.

Top 10 amazing Coffee shops around the world

Dr. Jekelius, Brasov, Romania

This original coffee shop was named after a well know chemist who opened the first pharmacy in Brasov. The whole interior looks like a vintage pharmacy filled with medicine bottles and old paintings of the family of Doctor Jekelius. Here you will enjoy a great cup of coffee in a retro decor with a very nostalgic vibe.


Lamill Coffee Boutique – Silver Lake, California

This extravagant coffee place looks like a glam country club with lots of fancy and ironic deco elements wisely selected. Besides an amazing interior and an eclectic design, here you will find a wide selection of delicious coffees, prepared like a big ceremony.

LAMILL-Coffee-Boutique-by Rubbish-Studio-and-BLac

Balzac’s Coffee Roastery – Toronto, Canada

Located in a warehouse, this coffee shop in one of the most amazing places in Canada. This shop was named after the French novelist Honoré de Balzac, because he was a big coffee aficionado. Also, Balzac served as an inspiration for this dreamy place.

Balzac’s Coffee Roastery – Toronto

Starbucks – Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Design by Kengo Kuma and Associates, this Starbucks coffee place is one of a kind. This space made with 2000 wooden sticks and resemblances a cozy cave. This place it’s perfect for a relaxing afternoon to sit and enjoy your favorite coffee.

top 10 amazing coffee shops around the world

The Grounds – Alexandria, Australia

This is the place where you will find quality coffee in a dreamy environment. Located  in an industrial place that dates back to the ’20, the landmark is a coffee roastery, a cafe and also a beautiful garden filled with fresh products.

top 10 amazing coffee shops around the world

The Coffee Academics – Hong Kong, China

Here is the place where you can find all sorts of interesting coffee recipes in a dreamy industrial design. You can try coffee with a lot of spices such as the black pepper and enjoy a one of a kind coffee experience. The decor features rustic tables and comfortable furniture in a very modern environment.

coffee academics hong kong

Dreamy Camera Cafe – Yangpyeong, South Korea

Shaped like a vintage camera this coffee shop is the most original place you will ever find! So I you love cameras, photos and coffee this is the place to be. The whole interior is filled with vintage camera and pretty framed photos of the family who made this dreamy place.

top 10 amazing coffee shops around the world

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  1. I am from Lodz and I am not happy with the fact, that people from Zmiana Tematu were not the first ones with the the idea of their interior decor – it is the restaurant BANQ in Boston who first did that!

  2. I’m glad to see two coffee shops from Romania on this list!We do love our coffee. I also love a little coffee shop in Sibiu, Cafeneaua din Librarie, which would translate into “The coffee shop from the book store”, because I like the combination of great books, coffee and pastries. 🙂 Although, in terms of decor, I don’t think it would make it in the top 10.