Dreamy decor trend: Copper

Copper elements are a huge deco trend right now. We love that they are shiny, cool and they bring a modern vibe to any interior but with a luxurious twist. They work perfect with minimal interiors but also in vintage inspired spaces. Here are our fav copper items and rooms. Sprucing up these photos takes a creative eye and the right decor. You can get some great ideas from online shops like Botanex.

Dreamy decor trend: Copper - DailyDreamDecor @denisaluntraru

The living room

A cool chair or o coffee table are just some suggestion on how to incorporate the copper trend in your living room. Also, you can select copper deco objects for this interior such as: a candlestick, a vase or a set of candles.

Dreamy decor trend: Copper - DailyDreamDecor @denisaluntraru

The bedroom

For your bedroom you can go for a copper bed frame, it will look just dreamy. Also, you can accessorize your nightstand with lots of cute copper deco objects such as a tray, a mug or a vase.

Dreamy decor trend: Copper - DailyDreamDecor @denisaluntraru

The kitchen

From pots to dishes and counters, you can add all sorts of copper elements to your kitchen. When you see how good it can all look you will give cooking another shot. Therefore, in this way you can transform your kitchen in a cool socializing spot for all your friends.

Dreamy decor trend: Copper - DailyDreamDecor @denisaluntraru

The bathroom

How about a bath tub made of copper, just lovely right? It wiil look just as one in an old Hollywood movie. Also, you can have your pipes made of copper and have lots of bath deco object in this shade around the room.

Dreamy decor trend: Copper - DailyDreamDecor @denisaluntraru

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