7 dreamy wedding table arrangements ideas

Preparing for your big day and in need for some inspiration? We will show you seven kind of weddings with dreamy table arrangements. From a tropical themed wedding to a more romantic or classic one, from indoor to outdoor, we are sure you will find some lovely ideas for your wedding day.

cover wedding table arrangement

1. Fairy tale lights

This forest or garden wedding set-up looks just like a dreamy fairy tale. Thanks to the light the whole scenario looks very mysterious and all the flowers and plants give a very fresh look to the table set-up. Pick neutral and forest shades like brown or grey for this deco and classic pieces for the table.

dreamy wedding arrangement with light

2. Dreamy balloons

For a fancy party you can choose a glorious deco for the ceiling. How about some round lamps that really look like balloons? The whole arrangement will look dreamy, especially when paired with round tables, fresh flowers, metallic candlesticks and crystal glassware.

dreamy ceiling wedding arrangement3. Tropical day

If you’re having a wedding next to a pool or by the sea, the tropical arrangement is perfect for you. Choose pineapples and flamingo inspired deco elements and your whole wedding will look like Hawaii. Also, green goes great wild gold so you can pair this two shades for a dreamy wedding deco.

tropical wedding arrangement

4. White scenario

If you want an all white arrangement here is an idea for you. Choose minimal white candles in different sizes and also your favorite white flowers. To give the whole arrangement a ‘’wow’’ effect try a dreamy ceiling arrangement using flowers, candles and lights. It will look lovely!

white wedding table arrangement

5. The cool space

This deco is perfect if you held your wedding in an industrial space with lots of lights and metallic elements. Choose translucent vases and cups and also choose different kind of tables – round and squared ones in a wooden material. Also, pick small floral arrangement in salmon pink and white. As for the ceiling, choose lamps, balloons and small deco lights to make the whole space look dreamy.

industrial space wedding table arrangement

6. Lights on!

This table arrangement is perfect for a space with brown element such as a wooden barn or a place with bricks like a castle. Also, choose round tables and decorate it with pretty lights in a shape of a circus tent. Choose big vases with flowers in pastel shades and beige chairs.

dreamy wedding arrangement7. Pink dreams

Every girl loves pink and this dreamy arrangement is perfect for a wedding in a ballroom. Cover the chairs in pink floaty silk and make a cute bow. As for the flowers, mix pink and white flowers for a dreamy scenario.  You can add gold elements when choosing the chairs and the vases on the table. Rose and gold will make the perfect color combo!

pink table wedding arrangement

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  1. I like the recommendation to stick to a white scenario for the tables. If not white, I still think a monochrome option could be good as everything would match. It’s something to remember for everything from choosing table clothes, flowers, chairs, and lights. Thanks for the post!

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