7 dreamy bookshelves for book lovers

Are you a book lover and you love reading? Then you must own a dreamy bookshelf in your lovely home. We gathered eight unique ideas that will make your home look very creative and will also help you save a lot of space. So what are you going to read next?

The tree

If you love being in the nature this is the perfect bookshelf for you. Besides being very original, it’s a great organizer for your books. You can categorize them by gender and you will find them easier.


The mirror

A shabby mirror frame is the perfect deco element for a glam bookshelf. Just pick a cool frame and after that choose neutral shelves. Also, categorize your books and albums by size and mix their colors for a unique arrangement.


Wild thing

You can make a bookshelf out or a tree. This deco pieces will look perfect on the corner of your living room and it will save you a lot of space. Also, it goes great in a room that has a vintage design.


Upside down

You will save a lot of space by organizing your bookshelf upside your bed. It will give your whole interior a cozy vibe so make sure you add some cute lights to get in the reading vibe. Also, by having your books closer to your bed you will want to read more before going to sleep.


Round and round

This piece of furniture is great for your books and also for your deco object. Because it has a round shape and it will help you store more things in a small room. Also, this cute bookshelf is perfect for your bedroom.


The piano

Maybe you never thought at a piano as a bookshelf. Well, this idea is very classy and creative and it’s great if you have an old piano which you don’t use. All your friends will love it!


The old door

This idea is great for a shabby home. Take an old door with windows and carve shelves in it. Also paint it in white and put it next to your bedroom or living room wall.


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