10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

Looking for a dreamy bedroom? You just need to follow a few easy steps. From the right furniture to the perfect deco objects, here are ten ideas on how to improve your bedroom to look like the one from your dreams.

1.Side by side racks

If you don’t have room for a walk in closet or a big wooden one, just pick racks. But not just one! You can pick two or three and put them next to each other. On top of them you can add shelves and around them you can put accessories like shoes, hats, or bags. It will look fantastic!

10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

2. Dark paint your bedroom!

From black to navy, to any other dark tone, we all love the mystery of this paint for your bedroom. Also, with a dark shade the room will have a very romantic touch and it will look dreamy and elegant. Try it


3. Get in the season vibe!

For fall and winter you can give your bedroom a shabby chic look. Just add on its border a beautiful oversized fur in white or in an Earth tone. And also, don’t forget, winter is coming!

10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

4. Frame it!

Add a lot of cool and beautiful framed posters around your bedroom. You can place it on top of the nightstand or on top of the bed. The whole room will be more personal and inspiring.

10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

5. Unexpected flowers

Forget about the classic flowers! This season is all about the botanical trends. So instead of tulips or roses next to your bed add some tree branches in a glass or cool vase or a green plant.

10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

6. Personalize you bed

A bed is just a bed, but if you style it with frames, a veil (to make it a canopy bed) and with a cute chandelier on top of it, the whole room will look more glamorous and shabby.

10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

7. Travel the world

Put a map on top of your bed, and add tribal elements around your bedroom. The whole room will feel like a journey and you will be excited about picking up your next destination!

10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

8. Add a bench!

There’s nothing more fashionable or girly then a bedroom with a bench. It’s also really practical, and wit will make any room look even dreamier.

10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

9. Glam up your bed

How about a headboard for your bed? You can try a leather one or a tufted one. Either way, the whole arrangement will look fancy and you will love spending a lot of time in your bed!

10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

10. A bookshelf for the win!

If you love books and love reading before going to bed, you can make a bookshelf on top of your bed. Pick one in the same color tone as your bed and make a dreamy bedroom!

10 easy tips for a dreamy bedroom

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  1. Excellent post! We all have one dream room in our mind that we wish to make real. With the right color, mix and match strategy and a theme in our mind, one can convert his/her ordinary bedroom into the dream bedroom of his life.
    Sophia Briggs