7 sweet recipes for Easter

At every lunch or dinner party everyone is especially happy about the desert and for this Easter you can try making a themed one. I’ve picked 7 delicious desert recipes made especially for this holiday and also they all look that great that all your guests will love them. Which one do you think looks the yummiest?

Easter Wreath Pavlova

Make your Easter meal extra dreamy with this fancy looking wreath Pavlova.  It takes a little longer to make but the result is worth it. Add little flowers into the nests along with Easter Eggs to impress your guests. Find how to make it on Moje Wypieki.

Bunny Cakes
This themed desert that reminds me of the rainbow cake is perfect for Easter and especially for the kids that will come to your party. It’s not that hard to make and the main ingredient is the coloring paint for the layers, check out the recipe on Two Sisters Crafting

Chocolate  Egg Easter Cake

Easter is the perfect occasion to make a delicious chocolate cake which everyone with a sweet tooth loves. It not that hard to make and decorating it will be really fun and the result looks fantastic. See the recipe  on ChewThat

Carrot Strawberries
This looks great as an appetiser or a desert along with a glass of champagne or liquor. It’s just the perfect replacement for the classic chocolate frosted strawberries, except it’s themed and really tastes better than carrots. See on Live Love Liz how you can make them.

 Mini Egg Cake

These little fellows look amazing and probably tastes the same. The fun part, is that you can’t really make a mistake while decorating it because it’s quite simple. Find out on Sainsbury’s magazine how simple it is.

Coconut Lemon Cake
If you love coconut and lemon this is the perfect desert for you and also for a fancy Easter party. Besides being delicious, this cake has the Easter colors and it’s also decorated with chocolate eggs, simply yummy! All you guests will be impressed by this dreamy desert, so start learning the recipe on Blahnik Baker.

Coconut Macaroon Nests
This delicious desert has the shape of a bird nest and is filled with colorful chocolate eggs. Its perfect for a cocktail party or an appetiser Easter party with fancy drinks. Besides needing a lot of coconut on Skinny Taste you’ll find out  how you can make this recipe.

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