10 dreamy ideas to organize clothing racks

Clothing racks are ideals for small apartments or rooms with little space. Also they are really cool and they make you be more creative. Here are ten dreamy ideas on how to arrange a cute and small clothing rack.

The minimalist

The black and white item looks really good on a rack. In this way you will have a good idea of your next outfit and you will look fashionable and effortless. Also, to glam up the space add a white puffy carpet and your favorite shoes and bags next to the clothes.

organize clothing racks
The clothing branch
If you love the feeling of always being in the nature this kind of rack is perfect for you. Just use a solid branch to hang up your clothes. Make sure you will hang just light clothing pieces like dresses, shirts or skirts.

Artistic time

You can make a pretty clothing rack out of a ladder. It will look very cool and original and it will become the main piece of your bedroom. You can also paint it in different colors or add stickers to it to make it look even cooler. The ladder is an excellent support to hold shelves for the shoes or for clinging bags.

A vintage touch
As in this example plants and clothes go very well together and the whole deco arrangement has a seventies vibe and looks very exotic. Also, it’s just perfect for all your boho outfits.

Pretty hype

In this rack your clothes and accessories will look very trendy. You only have to get a classic clothing rack and add to it some wooden shelves. After that, select your favorites clothing item and accessories and make a lovely ensemble.

His and hers

This is the perfect clothing rack for an industrial home. Also it’s perfect for a couple with a small apartment. From accessories to perfumes and clothes this rack will make you room look really cool.

The fashion spot

Spotlights please! This space is easy to put together and it will look just a celebrity room. You will need a classic clothing rack, a fashion deco object like a framed picture, a furry rug and a big spotlight. You will fell in love with the result.

The white obsession

With this clothing rack you can make your own fairy tale. Select all your white and pastel clothes and decorate the bottom of the rack with small deco accessories. The space will look lovely!

The princess land
For little girls who dream about being a ballerina, this is the perfect room. It looks like a small fairy tale and all the kids will want to spend here the whole day and hang their favorite tutus in the small wooden rack, surrounded by cute toys.

The boys fairy tale

Here are the perfect clothing racks for little boys. Its look like a scene from “The Jungle Book” and your kids will feel like in an adventure cartoon. The branch rack is perfect for the space and the ornamental cloud gives the room a dreamy vibe.

Now tell us, which is your fav arrangement?

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