10 dreamy ideas to dye Easter Eggs

10 dreamy ideas to dye Easter Eggs! It’s about time you start preparing for Easter and what better way to surprise your guests then by creatively dying the traditional eggs. Here are ten fun tutorial you can try and make the most original Easter eggs you had so far. Which one would you try?

1.Marbled indigo eggs
This beautiful deco eggs go well with a minimalistic home. Their color palette blends in perfectly with a black and white home or with grey deco objects, see the tutorial on Alice And Lois

2. Ice cream cones
This is a really cute idea that all your guests will love. This ice cream eggs look like sweets and they keep reminding you of the hot season and of a lazy vacation. See the tutorial on Kara’s Party Ideas.

3. Galaxy eggs
If you love space you will want to make themed galaxy eggs. They are so cool and colorful that all your friends will be asking about them. Start learning how to dye them and check out the tutorial on Dream a little bigger.
4.Emoticons eggs
The emoticon eggs are really fun for an Easter party. You can suggest to all your guests to pick an egg according to how are they feeling in that moment and make them say why they are feeling that way. Sharing is caring! So here is the tutorial on Studio DIY.
5.Hipster eggs
You will laugh all day long with those eggs. They have all this hipster images and a lot of fun quotes that will make Easter a cool party. See here the tutorial on One Good Thing by Jillee
6. Minion eggs
If you love Minions you can easily colored them on your Easter eggs, they have the perfect shape for that. See here what you need to do on A pumpkin and a princess

7.Bunny eggs
You can never go wrong with a bunny figurine on your Easter eggs. On Cutesy Crafts you can learn how to make sparkling eggs with a bunny on them, it’s easy.

8.Glitter eggs

If you love jewelry and accessorized deco object you will love this glitter eggs. They will definitely stand out on your Easter lunch so it’s about time you learn how to make them, it’s not that hard, find them on Two sisters crafting

9.Foiled eggs
These eggs look very creative and original, and also they sparkle like an Oscar award. If you want to really impress you guest here is what you have to do on MarthaStewart.com

10.Paper eggs
If you love newspaper and magazines you can put for favorite articles on an eggshell. The result will be a very creative one, and everybody will first want to read all the things written on the beautiful adorned egg. See here the tutorial on Sew for Soul.



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  1. I love the eggs colored with nail polish! I am definitely going to try that! We hollow out our eggs, and then preserve them for years to come with Modge Podge. With a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 Modge Podge, we paint the mixture on the outside of the egg, AND using a medicine syringe, we coat the inside as well. The eggs are stood on end using a drying rack such as the one you show.
    I can’t wait to give this a try!