7 sofas for a dreamy living room

When picking the ideal sofa you have to choose a model that’s inviting guests to immediately sit on it, which is also very comfortable and has a great design, because it will become the main attraction of your living room.


So, I made a selection of 7 sofas for a dreamy living room.

The neutral sofa

This is the most common shade for a sofa because it goes really with a lot of living spaces. The neutral colors look very relaxing and inviting so it’s ideal for your living room. Pair it with black and white objects, choose minimalist furniture and artistic black&white pictures for your wall

sofas for a dreamy living room

A happy living room

If you an arty personality you will love a creative room and a colorful sofa. Choose an optimistic color for your sofa such a yellow or orange and decorate your entire room in happy shades. Pick printed pillows, hang creative pictures on your wall and pick beautiful flowers and plants to make your living room ever dreamier.

sofas for a dreamy living room

The Velvet sofa

If you dream about a luxurious living room you can choose a glamorous velvet sofa. As this object of furniture will be the focus of this room you can pick bold colors for the sofa such as red, purple, fuchsia or emerald green. Also, this type of sofa will go perfectly with a lot of art objects and also with retro mirrors and tables.

sofas for a dreamy living room

French chic mood

How about a sofa with stripes? This is a very chic option especially if you want a French inspired living room. To make this room even more stylish choose a beautiful chandelier, a marble coffee table and vintage inspired deco objects.

sofas for a dreamy living room

The leather sofa

A great white sofa such as one made of leather will easily stand out in your living room. Moreover, if you choose dark colors for your walls or furniture, this sofa will be star of your space and the whole ensemble will look very refined.

sofas for a dreamy living room

All white

This living room belongs to Michael Kors and it’s a great example for a white beautiful room. Because an all white home is very popular and relaxing, you have to have the perfect white sofa for your living room. It goes great with plants, wooden elements and earth color shades that will make your living space feel very welcoming and friendly.


The rose quartz sofa

The coolest sofa of this spring is for sure the rose quartz one. It really defines a room, especially a white one. Also is a great pick if you have objects of furniture with golden or silver accents.

sofas for a dreamy living room

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  1. De un refinamiento máximo y con detalles realmente innovadores, por ejemplo el reloj que han “puesto en partes” en la pared. El caballete vacío también es sugerente . Gracias por tanta belleza.