Keep All The Rooms Of Your Home Warm This Winter

With some basic maintenance you can make sure that your home is nice and warm this winter, and you may even save some money in the process.
The heating system in your home is something that a lot of people give no thought to until it stops working. It is relatively simple and also affordable to maintain your heating system so that it works to its maximum potential.

Service and Maintenance

It is important to keep your boiler running to its maximum efficiency, and one way to do this is to have your boiler serviced regularly. By doing so, it will help to prevent any major malfunctions and the efficiency can also help to reduce your overall heating costs. As well as a regular service by a qualified technician, it is also a good idea to flush the system out every couple of years. Experts at the know this as they manufacture quality radiators and have been doing so for many years.

Over time sludge and rust build up in your system, which reduces the efficiency of the radiators. Flushing out your system will force clean water through the entire system, and flush out all of the sludge. Once you have done this, you will notice that your radiators get warmer a lot quicker than previously.

Preventative Maintenance

You may also wish to install a filter on the return pipe to the boiler, as this will help to trap a lot of the debris inside, meaning the sludge does not build up as quickly. If you do install a filter, this will need to be regularly cleaned when you service the boiler, and always have this done by a qualified and licensed technician.

A filter will not get all of the debris, and you will still want to flush the system every few years, but the filter will help to improve the overall efficiency of your radiators. You will also want to make sure that you bleed your radiators regularly and release and trapped air in the system. By doing this, you will ensure that there is no air in the radiator, which means there is more hot water, heating up your room quicker.

Although painting a radiator is a good idea to help preserve the radiator, you do not want to paint them too often, as the more layers of paint on your radiator, the less efficient they are. Trade radiators from the Radiator Factory won’t require such aesthetic maintenance as they come in brushed and polished textures that already look good on display. You can also add reflectors to the wall behind your radiator that will reflect the wasted heat back into the room, and these are relatively cheap and easy to install.

Keep your Radiators Clear

Something that a lot of people do is they obstruct their radiators with curtains or furniture, which prevents the room warming up as quickly. Make sure that you do not block your radiators with anything, which may mean that you need to rearrange your furniture in your room. You will quickly notice that by designing the layout of your room with the radiator in mind, you room warms up much quicker and feels much cosier.

Make sure that you use draft excluders and try to make sure that your windows are sealed properly, as reducing drafts can save you a substantial amount of money in the cost to heat your home. Another trip to maximizing the efficiency of your heating system is to install ceilings fans. As hot air rises, a ceiling fan will circulate the warm air around the room, which will make the room feel much warmer.

With a bit of regular maintenance and thought, you can get your heating system and radiators running at their maximum efficiency. When your system is efficient, your home is warmer, quicker, and at a reduced cost, which means you get comfort with the heat and you are also saving money!

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