Top 5 dreamy attic bedrooms

Happy hump day everyone! Lately, I’ve been fixed on bedrooms, maybe because mine is a big mess right now and I can’t get myself to tidy it up and make it ready for Christmas. So, yes, maybe that’s why bedrooms are what I share on Daily Dream Decor’s facebook page.
Anyway, today I thought to share with you lots of dreamy attic bedrooms, as the the majority of them are so cozy and inviting, aaand a couple of  tips to convert your attic into a fabulous space. Well, that’s if you have one.

So, if you are lucky to have an attic that isn’t used, or maybe you used it for storage, converting it in an extra room is a great idea, who doesn’t love more space?
I went only for bedrooms but you can revamp it into a study or relaxing area, guest room perhaps?
Wood beams! Wood beams always make a room more interesting and yes, dreamy. 

This falls a bit into the relaxing area category but can be easily turned into a guest bedroom, as the big pillows can be made up into a one person bed. The room is very light and bright due to the windows. For an extra touch of coziness and let’s say comfort, go for blackout blinds, VELUX blackout blinds have  special heat blocking aluminium coating on the back to retain heat in the room in winter and reflect solar heat in summer.

Even the smallest spaces can be transformed with the great use of light. A well placed window can change a room from drab to fab.
If you have the space, go big! Industrial attic bedroom are look wonderful.
Or go for an open space.. Sleeping area and a spa like one….

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