Stain removal tips for your home

Keeping your home clean is a constant battle. Especially if you have children and pets. And stains are a very common problem as they can difficult to shift. Spilt food and knocked-over drinks are the most common cause of nasty stains and are some of the most difficult to clean up.

So if your home has troublesome stains you’ve tried to get rid of, have a look at our stain removal tips so you know the best way to tackle them.

Getting rid of stains in your kitchen

Your kitchen sees a lot of action as it’s where you and your family spend a lot of time. And as a result it will pick up a lot of stains. Many of you will have a modern wooden kitchen with solid oak cabinets that look beautiful. But after a while, they can become stained from grease and food from regular cooking as the steam from your hot pots and pans makes the grease set hard. This can be really tough to remove.

Try this great tip from Worktop Express: one solution of hand-wash and lukewarm water is brilliant at cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets. It may turn the varnish on your wood white so test a small bit first and change the hand-wash to mild soap instead. If it doesn’t affect the varnish, go ahead and clean your wooden kitchen units with it. The stains will come off pretty easily with a bit of scrubbing.

Dealing with food and drink stains on carpets

What we eat and drink cause some of the most common stains in the home. Coffee and tea on carpets and soft furnishings present a real challenge to remove but a mix of detergent, vinegar and borax should do it. Start with cold water and add detergent. Borax is also really effective at shifting stains made by squashed fruit.

The one food and drink stain everyone wants to know how to deal with is of course red wine. The best thing for it is to dab the stain with carbonated water and then wash with detergent or soap.

Sorting out stains throughout the home

Loads of stains throughout your home can be sorted out with things you’ve got lying around. Did you know alcohol gets rid of grass stains? And lemon juice clears up small spot stains on white clothes if you put a small bit on them and leave the clothes out in the sun? Salt’s also a fantastic stain remover as it stops red wine stains spreading and is great for mildew when mixed with lemon.

Shampoo can treat stained collars on shirts and try using shaving foam as an instant stain remover on clothes or carpets. And vinegar is well-known for its stain-cleaning qualities, particularly on suede shoes and boots.

Keeping your home clean is a battle. But it’s a battle you can win. Especially against stubborn stains no matter what they’re caused by and wherever they occur thanks to our stain removal guide for every household.

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