Ana’s royal spaces: Villa Cora Florence

ED: Welcome a new column on DDD,  written by Ana , La Petite Countess.  

Greetings Daily Dream Decor lovers,

I must admit, I am one of you. Besides being an eccentric cartoon I am also a avid passionate of all things home & deco.

I am extremely excited about this column of mine and I can’t wait to show you all the magical places I visit. Deeply obsessed about all things aristocratic and about the Belle Epoque era, I find my peace in some amazing places which are one of a kind.

My first pick is Villa Cora in Florence where I spent my birthday last year. I can honestly say that it was an out of this world experience. Take a look.
Now, see you in a few days.

Thaaa, thaaa,
La Petite Countess Ana de Morodan

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