Structured kitchen

I kinda exaggerated with the amount of photos posted but  this stunning space has four purposes, kitchen, dinning area, pantry  and laundry room. Pretty cool, right? It won the Audience Award at Casa Decor Awards for best space if my Spanish isn’t that rusty, correct if I’m wrong. Luisa and Chone Deulonder the Sotilla of Deulonder Arquitectura Doméstica are the interior designers behind the project. 
The structure of the space allows a general view of the kitchen, dining room, laundry room and pantry, with the help of  glass partitions while maintaining the three separate zones. 
Also, I’m really loving the gray shades used for the walls and the furniture mix, a bit modern, a bit trad, a bit shabby, it has everything.

Photography by Crazy Mary, see more here.

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