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I just came across on a couple of really lovely dinnerware sets  from House of Fraser.  Somehow, my favorites are quite opposites, one is the gorgeous Pied a Terre set above,  glamours isn’t it? Black and gold always looks quite magical and royal if you ask me…Pied A Terre etienne dinnerware range has a vibrant gold stripe detailing on a black base creating a truly stunning retro modern look to your dining table. Imagine all those glam dinner parties… Also, it somehow reminds of The Great Gatsby, both book and movie, ok more like the trailer rather than the movie… can’t wait to see it.

The second one, totally different, is this beautiful and minimal LINEA echo beige dinnerware, though I’m loving all the echo range they have,  blue and white included.  A bit of a rustic vibe surrounds these one and they are made from extensive stoneware. The fun part is that you can get different pieces of different colors but still from the same range, so you can create a shabby chic dinnerware set. I would for sure. Now, the beige one would be great to mix and match with a bright table palette and the blue one with a more neutral one to have a little contrast. And I picture them all in an outdoor tablescape.

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  1. Crystal Ike says:

    Love the Pied a Terre! It reminds me of the set that the Kardashian's use.

    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  2. Alexa says:

    Okay seriously if I could re-do my wedding registry I would totally get that black and gold set. How marvelous.

  3. Elegant kitchen dinnerware set, it seems to be very attractive especially the cups and saucers are beautifully designed.

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