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I somehow manage to procrastinate during weekends, actually more like Fridays & Saturdays and then on Sundays, posting galore, on both blogs. that is  So, this lovely afternoon, I’m going to show you a couple of bathrooms with style, hence the title, that I really love.
Let’s begin.
 First, a modern black and white bathroom. Got to love suspended  cabinets and the minimal design, plus the towel hanger is just ingenious. Also, the chevron towels & plant pot are a nice touch to the space.

We had modern, now a traditional, primitive bathroom. Call me crazy, but I do enjoy all the cluster going on there and the antique style water taps. 
Now, look at what’s going on in this corner here, brick wall mixed with two different types of tiles, this is what I call ingenious. The end result is just awesome… still, you know I love brick walls but I’m guessing that one is actually wallpaper.
Mosaic floor, retro sink & matching bathroom curtain & laundry basket, yes please!
Speaking about sinks, how about this gem? Stone sinks are perfect for every kind of bathrooms, don’t you think so? Not mentioning the beautiful tile work, just gorgeous!
Last but not least, ’cause I showed you only, let’s say, neutral themed baths,  how about a really colorful and yet super cozy one?  The only detail I don’t like is the floor, wood floors for a bathroom aren’t the best idea that’s if you don’t want to change them often. Hope you like these, pity I couldn’t find a beach theme bathroom.
This post is sponsored by ModernBathroom, all opinions are 100% mine.

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