Dining etiquette 101

For formal dinner parties ladies! Click on the photo for the original size:) 
Salt or/and pepper: they should be passed together even when only one is requested. Don’t season food before tasting it.
Place card: Never switch or change seating arrangements already planned by the host.
Stemware ( glasses): Glassware is limited to four. Wine is poured from the right. Don’t overfill glasses.
Desert spoon and fork: when dessert is served with both fork and spoon,  the fork is the pusher and the spoon is used for the eating.
Napkin placement: once seated, the host takes his napkin, then guest follow and place onto them on their laps.
Flatware: the silverware: The number of silverware indicates number of courses to be served. A formal dinner consists in seven courses in this order: soup, fish, sorbet or palate cleanser, a meat of fowl dish, salad, dessert and coffee.
Cutlery: The rule is to use it from outside in. Once a utensil, it should not touch the table again.
Bread, dish and butter knife: Tear bread into bite-size pieces on the bread plate and butter each piece with butter knife just before you eat it.

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  1. Great post summing the important aspects up. Very informative for me as I am planning a dinner for tomorrow! Thanks, Denisa!

  2. This dining etiquette is very helpful. Thank you. 🙂
    I wish you a wonderful, very happy new year! Cheers to a fabulous 2012!