High Street Decor


Or when shabby chic meets feminine decor. Ana of High Street Cardigans, the owner of this lovely apartment is a fellow ro fashion blogger with an exquisite taste.
I visited her new home a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you that the pictures don’t do justice:)

Q&A with Ana:
Tell us more about your apartment.
 I recently moved and I’m still in the decoration process. It’s a one bedroom apartment, with a cute living room and a smallllll kitchen (I eat mostly raw so it’s ok:)). I plan to redecorate from shabby chic to a more mature, sophisticated style.
 Does your style influence the way you decorate your house?
On some levels yes. I consider my style to be very feminine, people say they can see the same note regarding my house.
Where did you buy your furniture & accessories from?
Most of my decorative objects are inherited from my grandmother or bought from all sorts of flea markets. From time to time I shop at Ikea from that touch of “new” and the furniture is from all over the place. 🙂

Ana in a Snobbish Breakfast dress

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  1. Great interview! It is indeed a very cute and feminine apartment, and she seems to be a very fun girl. It's nice to see a well decorated apartment by a "common" person, not made by a decorator or by some one with lots of cash. I think that is the most inspiring of all 🙂

  2. Love it – especially the bed, I have a weird attraction towards lighted !:)))))) Great article by the way!

  3. Oh, what a cozy place! My favourite spot: those lovely boxes with the bag on top and beautiful candle holders. xo